In Canada, a working group composed of public alerting practitioners and government agencies has developed a Canadian Profile (CP) for Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) specialized to address the needs of Canadian public alerting stakeholders, such as bilingualism, geocoding for Canada, and managed lists of locations and events. The Canadian government has adopted CAP-CP for its National Public Alerting System project. The CAP‑CP working group, along with stakeholders, has developed the Canadian alerting structure now used by CAP‑CP for national application in Canada.

The province of Alberta adopted CAP as part of its Alberta Emergency Alert system. In March 2015, Alert Ready, a national public warning system based upon CAP-CP, was officially launched. Participation in the system by all broadcasters and television providers is now mandated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Trispec Communications has been part of this development process since 2010, working with the manufacturer Sage Alerting systems and the CAP-CP working group to create the CAP-CP version of the Endec firmware. Trispec continues to work with users of the Alert Ready system to refine and expand the capabilities of the Sage Endec and the Alert Ready system.



Trispec is the Canadian Distributor for Sage Digital ENDEC

3644 Sage Endec

What Trispec Provides


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  1. Trispec installs the Canadian CAP-CP firmware, the optional French Text To Speech (TTS), the Canadian standard Alerting tone file and a standard Lexicon file.
  2. Trispec develops the configuration file and filter file, if requested by the client, and installs these files in the Endec. If not requested by client, a standard diagnostic file set is installed.
  3. Trispec performs a series of functional tests on the Endec to verify the CAP-CP firmware, TTS (English & French) and filter functions are all performing properly.
  4. Trispec adds a paper copy of the configuration form and a CD to the Endec box when re-packing the Endec for shipping to the client. The CD contains the following:
    • Endec configuration file, filter file and Lexicon file,
    • Canadian Quick Start Guide and supporting documents,
    • Sage Endec configuration software and supporting documents.



  1. Trispec maintains a database of all Endec units sold to Canadian clients. This allows Trispec to apprise clients when a new firmware version or option is available for their unit.
  2. Trispec maintains an on-going product development relationship with Sage Alerting Systems to further enhance the CAP-CP functionality of the Endec product line. This has increased functionality and improved performance through evolution of the firmware.
  3. Trispec maintains an online test server to allow functional testing of units installed in the broadcast site when requested by client. This allows verification of proper performance for all aspects of the Endec installation.