The adoption of IoT and Edge Computing is accelerating rapidly in various industries. COVID-19 has increased the need in an exponential way. Organizations are looking to automate many aspects of the day-to-day activities to increase level of control as cyber security awareness is on the rise. While improving processes and reducing downtime, we rely more than ever on Business Intelligence and Analytics that have become the bread and butter for every operating entity today. 


▪ Communication and control for Smart City Devices  

What We Provide 

 ▪ Aggregation of uplink communication for various sensors and devices to the Central Command and Control room
▪ Single dashboard for a 360-degree view
▪ Analytics and Monitoring  

Solution Benefits  

▪ Holistic view – monitoring and dashboard
▪ Cloud-agnostic platform
▪ One multi-service SecFlow Gateway
▪ Support for wireline + LoRa sensors
▪ Support for CCTV + PoE
▪ Uplink via Ethernet/fiber/LTE/Microwave Radio
▪ Secure communications
▪ Edge computing for edge applications
▪ Network-guided operation 

Smart City Sensor Networks keep everyone and everything connected by providing Smart resource management and monitoring for energy, water, waste, traffic, public safety, smart lighting and more.  This is achieved by two-way high speed and LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) communication and infrastructure.  You can learn more about choosing an IoT gateway here.

Solution Benefits 

▪ Safer Cities by leveraging video surveillance everywhere, improved first responder communications
▪ Improved Traffic management: covering traffic lights, display boards, intelligent parking and more
▪ Enhanced Government applications such as digital payment, better engagement with citizens through public Kiosks
▪ Ubiquitous Public Wi-Fi and Internet

To learn more about RAD’s SecFlow-1V feature set link here.