Pelmorex planned NAAD upgrade of CAPCP URL format to HTTPS.

On January 23, 2024, Pelmorex released a notice advising they will be upgrading the URL addressing used to reference the Broadcast Audio file locations for alerts used by the Sage Endec. The notice advises Last Mile Distributors to verify their equipment will properly process the new address format.

Sage Alerting Systems has tested the new format and there are no issues with file retrieval by Endecs running the CA95 firmware.

Text-to-speech URL format change coming in February 2024

 Please be advised that the URL format used for attaching a TTS audio file in the CAP alert will be updated in mid-February (the week of Feb 12th).

As stated above, the Sage Endec 3644 running CA95 firmware performs as expected with the new HTTPS URL format.

If you believe your Endec is not performing correctly, please contact Trispec Communications for technical assistance.

1-888-494-4474 Option 3


Firmware Release 95 is now Available In Canada

Support for National Public Alerting System Common Look and Feel Guidance version 2.0.
The CLF document sets specifications and recommended practices for the National Public Alerting System in Canada. This version recommends that different text elements in the CAP message be used than in previous versions and provides a new method of constructing messages for text display and for use in local text to speech when audio is not provided in the CAP message. Different handling of update messages is also specified to reduce the airing of repeating information as, for example, a large storm moves through a broadcast coverage area.

Rev 95 also includes:
Security: Using the certificates menu button, you can upload a server certificate you want the ENDEC to use, or you can have the ENDEC build a certificate to your specifications. With a custom server certificate, you can connect to the ENDEC with HTTPS and avoid the red and yellow banners, proceed at your own risk buttons, and other warnings about accessing a system without a proper server certificate.
Default Password detection. If any of the user accounts on the ENDEC use the default passwords, you are prompted to change them. Use the access control button to build additional user names, passwords, and roles, and also to remove the old default user and admin web logins.

You must have previously installed firmware version 89-27. If you don’t have version 89-27, you can contact Trispec support for update assistance.
Link here for the firmware upgrade guide.

Contact for more information.

Trispec is the Canadian Distributor for Sage Digital ENDEC



In Canada, a working group composed of public alerting practitioners and government agencies has developed a Canadian Profile (CP) for Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) specialized to address the needs of Canadian public alerting stakeholders, such as bilingualism, geocoding for Canada, and managed lists of locations and events. The Canadian government has adopted CAP-CP for its National Public Alerting System project. The CAP‑CP working group, along with stakeholders, has developed the Canadian alerting structure now used by CAP‑CP for national application in Canada.

The province of Alberta adopted CAP as part of its Alberta Emergency Alert system. In March 2015, Alert Ready, a national public warning system based upon CAP-CP, was officially launched. Participation in the system by all broadcasters and television providers is now mandated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Trispec Communications has been part of this development process since 2010, working with the manufacturer Sage Alerting systems and the CAP-CP working group to create the CAP-CP version of the Endec firmware. Trispec continues to work with users of the Alert Ready system to refine and expand the capabilities of the Sage Endec and the Alert Ready system.


What Trispec Provides


Call us at 1-888-494-4474 or email for an estimate or quote.


  1. Trispec installs the Canadian CAP-CP firmware, the optional French Text To Speech (TTS), the Canadian standard Alerting tone file and a standard Lexicon file.
  2. Trispec develops the configuration file and filter file, if requested by the client, and installs these files in the Endec. If not requested by client, a standard diagnostic file set is installed.
  3. Trispec performs a series of functional tests on the Endec to verify the CAP-CP firmware, TTS (English & French) and filter functions are all performing properly.
  4. Trispec adds a paper copy of the configuration form and and a link address for downloading the user guides and editing software.



  1. Trispec maintains a database of all Endec units sold to Canadian clients. This allows Trispec to apprise clients when a new firmware version or option is available for their unit.
  2. Trispec maintains an on-going product development relationship with Sage Alerting Systems to further enhance the CAP-CP functionality of the Endec product line. This has increased functionality and improved performance through evolution of the firmware.
  3. Trispec maintains an online test server to allow functional testing of units installed in the broadcast site when requested by client. This allows verification of proper performance for all aspects of the Endec installation.